60 Plus® Precision Linear Shafting

60 Plus Precision Linear Shafting provides the highest machine-ability of case hardened and ground steel shafting. Manufactured from C1060 carbon steel, 60 Plus® is available in inch and metric sizes with lengths up to 184″. Custom machining and chrome plating can be special ordered.

Standard Specifications
Surface Finish: Linear Bearing Recommended – 10Ra., Other finishes available—consult factory. Stock Lengths: 8-16 feet Chamfered Ends: All ends chamfered Straightness: 0.001″ to 0.002″ per foot cumulative, except for 3/8″ diameters and less.

Length Tolerances:

  • • ±1/32″ for ¼ to 1-1/4 Nom. Dia.
  • • ±1/16″ for 1-3/8″ to 2″ Nom. Dia.
  • • ±1/8″ for 2-1/2″ to 3″ Nom. Dia.

Hard Chrome Plating – Stainless Alternative

  • • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • • Improved appearance
  • • Replacement for stainless shafting
  • • Longer shaft life
  • • Pre-plate diameter compensates for chrome thickness

50 Plus® 440C Stainless Shafting

Available in inch and metric diameters, this material is corrosion resistant with a Rockwell hardness of 50/55 “C”. Custom machined shafts are also available. Parts can be plated with Armoloy for higher corrosion resistance. The shafting is only available in solid and in lengths to 158″.