Detailed information on product accessories such as carriage plates, shaft end stops, bellows, linear carriage locks, and motor mounting blocks can be found on the Accessories Tab on each product’s page. Not all accessories are compatible with all products—consult product pages for details.

Products—Carriage Plate

Carriage Plates Lee Linear carriage plates are machined from cast aluminum.

Products—Shaft End-Stop

Shaft End Stops For shafting with drilled and tapped ends, end stops prevent linear bearings from running off the shaft ends.


Bellows Made for slide tables and systems, bellows protect shafts from particulates.

Products—Linear Carriage Lock

Linear Carriage Lock Lee Linear carriage locks provide a locking mechanism for linear slides, carriages, and bearings.

Products—Motor Mount

Motor Mounting Blocks Lee Linear motor mounting blocks accommodate NEMA 23, NEMA 34, and NEMA 42 motor sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions—FAQ's

FAQs Have questions? Find the answers here! Or, contact Lee Linear’s customer service department to talk with a motion specialist.

Commonly Associated Products

Customers who purchase shafting often purchase the precision-matched bearing. Lee Linear specializes in the matched set providing the optimal system for the customer.