• The Top 4 Features of Roller Pillow Block

    Roller Pillow Block Product LineLee Linear’s roller pillow block is a problem-solving linear motion product suitable for a wide variety of industrial-use applications. Providing a low system cost with a simplified installation and alignment process, below are a number of reasons to consider roller pillow blocks for industrial applications. 

    Top 4 Features of Roller Pillow Block

    1. Design Compatibility
      Roller pillow blocks feature dimensions that are interchangeable with traditional recirculating ball bearing blocks. This helps simplify replacements and reduces installation costs.
    2. Reliability
      In contaminated environments, the roller bearing will push particles out of the way or roll over them, while competing recirculating ball technology runs the risk of catastrophic failure. For long travel applications, the larger roller bearing minimizes transition shock, therefore increasing life. Additionally, accessories such as lubrication ports and scrapers are available which assist with maintenance and help achieve maximum life as a result.
    3. High Performance
      A low coefficient of friction and larger rolling element results in speeds up to 2.5 times faster than linear ball bearings. This also provides higher performance with smoother travel, as well as less vibration and noise.
    4. Dynamic Load Capacity
      Load capabilities provide up to 8x more capacity when compared to traditional recirculating ball technology.


    Roller Pillow Block Overview Video

    Watch the Roller Pillow Block overview video to learn more about available sizes, accessories, and capabilities.


    Roller pillow blocks are compatible with shaft diameters of 0.5 to 3 inches and feature dynamic load ratings that range from 800 to 12500 pounds, providing industrial strength linear motion over long lengths.

    For more information, download the catalog or contact customer support at www.leelinear.com/about_us/customer-service/.

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