• Misalignment in Linear Systems

    Misalignment in Linear Systems

    Linear misalignment happens more than most engineers realize:

    1. Misalignment can be a key reason for early product failure.
    2. Life calculations do not account for improper alignment
    3. During the design phase, it’s important to consider the application, how installation will occur, and if it’s likely misalignment will be introduced.
    4. Based on all the above and the unknown it can be difficult to determine which linear product will perform the best.


    Prepare the mounting surface properly for best results

    Typically, the more rigid a linear solution is, the higher the mounting surface quality is needed

    • Poor mounting surfaces like welded frames & structural materials will require extra clearance on the linear product.
    • The higher the accuracy the less allowable deviation between rails and mounting surfaces

    Built-in Alignment

    Lee Linear offers products that can simplify system design, offering integrated products that incorporate built in alignment.

    Advantages of Self-Alignment:

    • Makes engineering design easier
    • Less material & possibly longer lasting
    • Faster assembly time
    • Overall reduction in system cost